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Update on project developments! You can find the video subtitles below the links section!

Developers website: http://core.reddcoin.online
Project Redd Online: http://reddcoin.online
Redd Online Crowdfund: https://igg.me/at/reddcoin/x/17813066

Hello Everyone, it is Jane again from Redd Core! As many of you already know our Redd Online platform V1.2 has recently been released. We are currently working towards the new and improved platform Redd Online V2.0. A very powerful system with commercial features exclusively available with ReddCoins.

This will give the redd community a completely new perspective allowing members to promote and market their products both exclusive and non-exclusive. All purchased on the Redd Market will be made with Reddcoin. Therefore the future of the coin holds a very strong position.

Anyway, let me tell you a little bit more about Redd Core!
Redd Core is a division that specializes in providing alternative solutions towards the future possibilities of the Reddcoin cryptocurrency. With our proven track records, we are able to commit to turn-key innovative projects from Supplying of professional tools & network platforms to Applying the needs and demands correctly based on accurate market research and finally Complying to the standards and requirements from the financial decentralized innovations.

To improve our reach even further we have established a Crowdfund in which we are trying to fund an extra $2000. The project will be developed whether the fund is being reached or not but any contribution towards the project could have a drastic impact regarding the future of Redd Online.


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6 months ago - Translate - Youtube

Hi, I am Jane Redd. One of the core developers from Reddcoin.Online

The Idea behind the Reddcoin.Online Community is to become a global Come together platform for all Reddcoin owners. Have you been investing in the Reddcoin for the past 3 years? Then you have experienced the fact that the coin is growing but not as fast as all of us would want. The Reddcoin.Online community contains a group of skilled developers that are dedicated to the Reddcoin.

So one of the questions that have come across quite often the past few days is How can I earn money with Reddcoin after Reddcoin Online 2.1 will be released?
It can be done trough the following ways:________________________________________
• Sell products through the digital marketplace
• Provide services through the digital marketplace
• Sell tutorials through an exclusive subscription portal
• Provide free resources, tutorials, and knowledge including a tipping system.
• Provide advertisement or receive advertisement pay per click and pay per view base.
• Buy and Sell Reddcoins
• Develop games which are exclusively available on Reddcoin online to get commission fees, tips, in-game purchases, etc.
• Develop apps which are exclusively available on Reddcoin online to get commission fees, tips, in-app purchases.

Thank for watching Cheers!

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