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Hello again,
After being away for some time, studying the moves on Reddcoin, here’s an short update again.
So Rdd may start their own debit card in, not to long, but did we all know that digibyte has long ago partnered up with Investa and it has not done anything for them, cause Investa is only a small player ?
Will Reddcoin be able to make a positive change ?
I believe it can and will, cause our community is strong and active.
With th ios software/wallet being available for some time now, Reddcoin reached out to millions of more people out there, so let us stay active and make our voices count.
Start using the coin where it is created for, send eachother payments and or tips, let us show the entire crypto world the power of Reddcoin.
No more BS on what our coin can be worth by the end of 2018, let us make it be worth what others are just speculating on, let us start spending Reddcoin.
No need for tips, my reports, unlike others are for free, because i believe in this community.

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Got this message from my exchange today.
As i predicted there are crypto currencied that will die out this time and not come back.

Hello Walter Pennings,

On March 20th, LiteBit will stop trading ClubCoin, Stealthcoin, Expanse, Decred and Augur. From this date forward, these coins will no longer be available on LiteBit.

The balance in your ClubCoin LiteBit wallet remains available for you to withdraw to your own wallet. We expect ClubCoin will lose miner support which may result in transactions not being confirmed by the ClubCoin network.

If you have any questions following this announcement, please don’t hesitate to contact our helpdesk. You can reach us by sending an email to support@litebit.eu or through our phone support +31 ( 10 307 48 20 on business days from 090 AM to 050 PM.

Kind Regards,

Team LiteBit

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I wonder if my prediction will come out ?
2 months ago i wrote that the market would get into another big crash, wich would result in ending some crypto’s for good, and the survivors would be becoming great assets.

Looking at the market now, i really do wonder, Was i right ?

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Once again the crypto market is in minor.
So also our RDD, but like last time percentage wise the coin is not doing bad, it’s overall movement is up in a natural way no pump and dump signals.
Go RDD, let’s keep this positive motion going

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Even despite it’s drop, like all cryptocurrency dropped.
percentage wise Reddcoin did very well.
This shows that it is a stable coin and it can work for us, if we all work for it now.

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