The future of Virtual reality - Project Dutch VR by Duncan Smit

Dutch VR Is a virtual reality studio located in The hague. Our goal is to develop an experienced innovative VR worlds to build a wide variety of Applications and Categories in the Netherlands

Posted December 12,2017 in Science and Technology.

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The future of Virtual reality - Project Dutch VR by Duncan Smit

Manage your virtual content online!

Via our back-end, you can easily upload a 360 degrees background image. In case you do not own a 360 degrees camera the Dutch VR Support team can help you with the development of 3D digital materials.

Always up to date with the latest content

Dutch VR includes innovative smartphone applications that immediately download's  the latest Panorama pictures which automatically will be included in your application. 

Completely customizable 

The Viewer is completely editable to your wishes. Upload your logo to the loading screen, select your theme colors and create your virtual space! 

For more information go to or contact @Duncan Smit at Redd Online 
 These are the possibilities with VR Reality 
REDD ONLINE will work towards a future where RDD Coins are integrated into virtual reality technology
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