My hobby, my memory, my passion.

Posted January 1,2018 in Payment solution.

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I just wish to share with you guys of my passion to photographing, i have never understood too clearly why photographing is a thing at all because all you do is capture an image and that's about it.


But i have grown alot since i had that way of thinking and i quite like photoshooting by myself time to time, i have been in many places that have made an impact on me very deeply and i've understood that only way to capture a memory is by taking that shot of that place and show it to my close friends. 


Actually photographing is alot more and you want to make your image have that impact it gave you while you were at the spot, "how do they do it?" i have asked that question from myself many times over the course of years (The images are simple yet so hard to replicate)..


Only way to get it right is to find out is to test out many different outcomes and see which is the best that suits, the only way i get that impact is through black & white photos (with grey scale). Every photo i look through black & white ive taken is like a memory film of that moment, i now remember what it felt like when i was there and i can feel the atmosphere just by watching the photo..




I know it was bit boring to read so here is the photo!





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