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Redd Online provides a global portal regarding the accessibility of the Reddcoin. By developing innovative solutions such as a Digital marketplace exclusive for the RDD Currency, a service channel including high-quality integrations and developers API programs, High-end Apps/Games vendor platform that allows both users and developers to benefit from the Rdd currency by pay per game, pay in-game and tipping player/developer features. We currently also provide free web hosting services towards all our Redd Online members. We are currently 100% integrated with the www.wordpress.com framework and network giving the Reddcoin community access to a whole new group of skilled developers and engineers.

Redd Hosted is a new service that is released by Redd Online allowing people to make free websites with up to 3Gigabyte harddisk. We soon will integrate a domain function which also supports free domains. But obviously also allows you to connect your current domain to our DNS to setup the connection to build free websites.

We mainly have introduced this service to support more Redd projects and Reddcoin community members to start sharing and spreading the coin. It has already RDD Fiat payment integration available and is fully connected to wordpress.com therefor anyone have free access to the entire Wordpress.com resources when using Redd Hosted

Another big advantage is that we are working on Redd Online buttons that will be able to connect to other websites. Developers can connect to our API with a Redd Online account which then automatically will include the Redd ID tipping username.

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